Grease Trap Maintenance

This article will look at why grease traps need to be cleaned and the basic steps associated with this and more importantly, the question is how can this be avoided – we will explain.
Why bother?
Whether it is clothes getting dirty, […]

Tuesday 27th January 2015

What Are Grease Traps & Why Are They Needed?

Grease traps are known by different names – grease recovery devices, grease interceptors etc. Their purpose is to act with the plumbing equipment to trap grease as water is washed away, before it enters the household / properties main waste […]

Wednesday 7th January 2015

What is a Grease Trap & How Can It Help My Business?

Mention a grease trap to someone and you would get a range of responses. Some people would think you were speaking another language, some people’s eyes would glaze over and others would not have a blunt clue what you were […]

Wednesday 24th December 2014

Different Types of Grease – A Lesson in Chemistry

Grease can be defined as a petroleum based product with a combination of soap or soap mixtures which may or may not be without fillers.
Simply put, oxidation is the process of gaining or losing oxygen through movement of electrons.Grease is […]

Thursday 11th December 2014

How FOGtrap Could Help your Business

The idea behind FOGtrap is that it captures excess fat, grease and oils from your food and stores them in a unique system so that your commercial pipes and your drainage system do not become blocked.  This is due to […]

Thursday 10th July 2014

The 5 Best Kitchen Cleaning Products

A kitchen can be many things; to some it is a haven pf peace and tranquillity where they can be creative through their cooking. For others a kitchen is a place of torment with continuous rounds of washing up to […]

Friday 23rd May 2014

Using Oils – Healthy versus Health Risk

Many countries around the world use oil as either a source of sustenance, an ingredient within a dressing or a substance that can be used to cook foods in; however, how do you know which oils are healthy and which […]

Monday 12th May 2014

Know your Food – How Fats can Affect the Body

We’ve all heard the term “you are what you eat”; but how much of this is true? Well, what we do know is that if you eat too much fat, your body will store a lot of this fat and […]

Tuesday 11th February 2014