A kitchen can be many things; to some it is a haven pf peace and tranquillity where they can be creative through their cooking. For others a kitchen is a place of torment with continuous rounds of washing up to be completed and many different areas to clean so that they are hygienic enough to prepare food upon. However, cleaning your kitchen doesn’t have to be a torment – if you use the correct products cleaning your kitchen can be one of the simplest chores within your home.


#1 – CIF Power Pro Naturals Spray

This cleaning product is perfect for cleaning many different areas within your kitchen; it can be used to remove grease from your hob, or burnt on food in your oven – it’s also perfect for cleaning your taps and ensuring that limescale is kept at bay.

If you’re looking for a multi-surface cleaner, there is no better product to clean your kitchen than CIF Power Pro Naturals Spray.


#2 – Cillit Bang Grease & Sparkle Spray

Although this product is not multi-purpose it is an excellent method of cutting through grease, oil and fat within your kitchen; and it isn’t difficult to come across either.

Cleaning up fat, grease and oil can be one of the most difficult tasks within your kitchen aside from the cooking itself; not many soaps can break down the fat, oil or grease in order for you to remove it from utensils and work surfaces.


#3 – Dettol Spray Power & Pure Kitchen

Whilst there are many different products that allow you to clean up residue and improve the appearance of your kitchen by removing obvious dirt – how many products can guarantee that they will kill 99.9% of bacteria and will make your work surfaces safe to prepare food on?

Dettol is one of the leading brands in the war on pathogens that can spread to food and cause a number of diseases or illnesses.



#4 – Cif Fume Free Oven Spray

If you have small children or pets within your home it’s wise that you purchase this product when cleaning your oven; the lack of fumes means that you will not be putting lives of smaller people or animals at risk.

Another positive is that although the oven will be clean, your house will not smell like oven cleaner (which isn’t a particularly pleasant smell).


#5 – Mr Muscle Kitchen and Bath Drain Gel

When working with many different types of food, some containing fat or grease, others containing slight amounts of oil your sink can become blocked fairly quickly which can lead to burst pipes and flooding.

Although you may have a device that traps all fat, oil and grease rather than allowing it to pass through the entire section of your pipe, it’s still wise for you to purchase this product so that you do not encounter any problems with your sinks and drains.


For more information on dealing with fat, oil or grease on your premises you can get in touch with us at Fogtrap; our experts would be more than happy to provide you with professional advice and services.


Friday 23rd May 2014