A Beginner’s Guide to a Cleaner Kitchen

A clean kitchen is often the beginning of a cleaner house and a healthier way of living; although not everybody knows where to begin when it comes to cleaning their kitchen. There are many different methods and techniques that you […]

Thursday 23rd January 2014

Five Tips for Healthy Frying

It’s a common misconception that fried foods are the same as fatty, greasy, oily foods. This isn’t true. Sure, it isn’t healthy to eat fried foods too often as the saturated fats that they contain can have negative side effects […]

Tuesday 7th January 2014

Shire Oak Swifts U14’s

We are also proud sponsors of the Shire Oak Swifts U14’s from the Lichfield and district recreational league.  Last season they won the league shield competition!

Wednesday 25th September 2013

Streetly St George

We are the proud sponsors of our local team, Streetly St George!

Tuesday 17th September 2013

Fogtrap and Thames Water to power a new electricity plant

Turning a menace – into a renewable energy source. Oil and fat which currently costs Thames Water in London millions to clear every year is being collected and used to power a new electricity plant, working with Midlands based company FogTrap.

Wednesday 24th April 2013