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The Fogtrap is a gravity-fed system with no power requirements. It’s deceptively simple and effective. Finding the right Fogtrap for each kitchen naturally depends on the volume of waste produced. See our range below for details.

Fogtrap Hybrid Units

Hybrid units allow the FOG to be drained by your kitchen staff according to your own schedule. Store the drained off Fogtrap contents for collection by your Bio Fuel partner.

Fogtrap Hybrid90


Our compact hybrid unit has a capacity of 90 litres. The Hybrid90 is ideal for busy kitchens.

Fogtrap Hybrid110


Our largest hybrid unit has a capacity of 110 litres. The Hybrid110 is ideal for very busy kitchens.

Fogtrap Units

Our engineers will swap out the unit according to a planned schedule. It's a quick and odourless method. We then arrange for the Fogtrap contents to be fully recycled.

Fogtrap Fog90


Our most compact unit with a capacity of 90 litres. The Fog90 is ideal for moderate to busy kitchens.

Fogtrap Fog110


Our largest capacity unit comes in at 110 litres. The Fog110 is ideal for busy kitchens.

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