Part of maintaining a healthy diet is trading a few fatty foods for healthier alternatives. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat dull or tasteless foods, there can be just as much flavour in food that contains less fat; you just have to know which ingredients are best for you and how you can use them within your meals. So if living a much longer healthier life is of interest to you, here are a few foods that you could do without.


Whole Milk

Did you know that in a single glass of whole milk there are 8 grams of fat? That’s almost the same amount of fat that’s in one piece of microwaved bacon! Believe it or not we use milk in more recipes than we know – and why is that? Yes milk can soften mashed potato, it can add a base to our white sauce or even make our cereal a little more appealing – but why do we need whole milk for that?


Semi-skimmed milk is much healthier than whole fat milk and can be used in exactly the same way without drastic changes in flavour. So next time you’re at the supermarket and about to pick up the whole milk you’re so used to, make the right choice and replace it with semi-skimmed.


Pan-Fried Bacon

In as little as 100g of pan-fried bacon there is 42g of fat; approximately 14g of fat consists of unsaturated fats, 19g of it is monounsaturated fats and 4.5g is made up of polyunsaturated fats.

When we compare this with gammon, which has a total of 17g of fat per 100g it’s clear that gammon is a much healthier option.


You should also take into account that although gammon has a high sodium content it still tastes much the same as bacon and is better for your health overall.



The cheeses within your fridge are another cause for concern where our health is concerned; there are many different types of cheese but the popular cheeses such as cheddar, edam and smoked can contain a large amount of fat and also a lot of salt.

Some of the healthiest cheeses that you can have in your fridge include feta, parmesan, cottage cheese and also Swiss cheese.


Ice Cream

Ice cream is another food that we appreciate but often forget about the calorie content – due to the amount of dairy and the sugars within this food it is thought of as incredibly unhealthy. However, there are frozen treats that you can purchase which are just as tasty but won’t cause harm to your body in the future.

Sorbet is an ideal alternative to ice cream as its low in fat and comes in a number of flavours, it can also be consumed by those that are lactose intolerant.


Fried Chicken

Foods such as fried chicken often taste good and are also appealing in the way that they look – but the oil and grease that soaks into these fried foods makes them very bad for our health. You should vary your diet so that you are not consuming too much fried food, but don’t cut it out completely. On occasion you should attempt to consume other options such as fish or lean meat; fish will provide you with the essential oils and vitamins that your body needs whereas lean meat contains the protein that your body requires to grow and repair.


Maintaining a healthy diet is all about diversity in the foods that you eat; you shouldn’t cut nay one type of food group completely out of your diet. The best way for you to stay in shape is to think about what your body needs before your own desires; for more information on how fat in the diet can both help and hinder aspects of your body you can get in touch with us at Fogtrap for more information.

Friday 21st February 2014