Keep fats, oils and grease out of your drains and sewers.

What is the FOGtrap?

The FOGtrap™ Interceptor is a British designed, British manufactured mobile system that effectively intercepts and traps fat, oil and grease that would normally be discharged into the drains or sewage system.


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Case studies

Our FOGtrap couldn’t be more efficient at removing fats, oils and grease, but what we love most about it is that nobody here has to collect the waste or clean the unit out.

Angus Steak House

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Our system is…

  • Easy to install & operates 24/7
  • Fully self contained grease trap unit
  • Hygienically sealed, containing odours and waste
  • Units are removed and a clean replacement provided
  • No mess and no fuss

How the grease trap works

See how the FOGtrap™ Interceptor captures the fat, oil and grease which are normally flushed into the drainage system . Read more

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